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Aether 2 Mod / (Aether II) is a very extensive mod for Minecraft adding in Gilded Games Util (Only for Minecraft – Download below) On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. there was still at least an option for a glowstone portal, because the portal lets you.
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I think it would be a great addition to an already spectacular mod. Keep up the amazing work!. Not sure what happened but since forge when I select my portalgun in inventory Minecraft freezes. The only way to get back to the save is to remove Portalgun mod, then go back in. If I dont pull Portalgun out it starts the game frozen. Anyone else? For some weird reason, if I right click holding PotatOS, my game freezes, similar to what happens if the game tries to play a non-existent sound file.

Anyone else getting this? Hey, i was just wondering iChun, is there a bug with a lava texture coming up at the side of your screen.


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In both instances, when trying to select a gun and place it into inventory, the game freezes. Wiped out my entire. I tried selecting all the items, and it seems to be only the guns causing the issue. I was able to place the gun stand just fine, and none of the other non-weapon devices seems to be a problem, but the guns themselves are causing complete game freeze.

Can you help me? No Crash. Please Help IChun! Well When ever i get the protal gun in my Characters hands my game freezes And then i have to reset my computer Help? I am a Brazilian lover Portal 2 and Minecraft. If yes, when? Thank you for your attention. Hey Ichun Yeah You can you add the laser blocks and plz fix the turrents.

Minecraft has crashed! NoSuchMethodError: net. IntegratedPlayerList: method V not found at cpw. IntegratedPlayerList: method V not found at trapcraft. Hey iChun, what about making neurotoxin? You could make tubes or use thermal expansion to transport neurotoxin around and store it in tanks. With a certain block called Gas dispenser, when connected to a tube with neurotoxin AND with redstone power it will release neurotoxin. Hi iChun! Do you know when… in next minecraft update or when you can buy your new computer? Please answer me. I really love this mod plz update so we can use the incineration field and you should add cores that we can play with and toss around and a glados we can kill that would be great -thanks.

If i can that is. I think there is a glitch when I shoot a portal at the decorative moon and one beneath me I fall out of the world? This happened with the Hats mod, this mod and the Gravity Gun mod. I really love this mod, but I have three things to mention: 1. When you shoot fire charges through a portal, they will change their flight-vector back towards the direction it originally was shot. I would really need some spheres.

[1.7.10] Portal Gun Mod Download

All need them for is falling down and being carried around. Whenever I set a sentry turret down it wont shoot at me. Can anyone help me? Hey there. Do you support the Portal Gun mod on Minecraft 1. I have Forge Version: release 1. I presume this is because this mod is only supported on Minecraft 1. I agree with Awesomefireay it would be really cool if you were able to add GLaDOS, the 3 types of gels, the cores, and the ball used in the co-op part of portal along with the holder and cube buttons.

Can you please tell me how to change textures of the portal guns? I really want to make these guns look more like in an actual Portal game. You installed Portalgun 1. There were textures of fire, lava, water, Nether portal and grass around the centre of the scren when I chose portal gun in my hotbar. But that was a while ago and I heard that it was fixed. Is that true? It looks like a really awesome mod, and I want to use it but it needs to be for 1. Thank you. You should add support for the Galactacraft mod!

Then, if you create a portal to the moon and get sucked in, you end up on the Galactacraft moon! Have you made it yet so that the portals can be seen through? I remember that you used to mention that, on your old post, in the minecraft forums. When i play minecraft, with using a portal gun mod The portal gun default model is missing this.. I got this screenshot.

Hello, iChun.

Love the work so far. I was wondering if there was an ETA for 1. Please let me know,. Hey iChun! I know you restrict this mod in any modpack, but I want to make a mod pack with Portal Gun mod and Gravity Gun mod just for me and 3 other friends using Tekkit Launcher. I promise that nobody else will use it. I found a bug, when you wear portal boots your legs become black.

Please try to fix this! Texture error yes I have used the default texture pack to make sure. Whenever I load up a world and go to put on long fall boots, the boots flash on my body for a split second before they become a blank, completely black block-like armor that covers my all of my lower body where boots and leggings would go. My bad. In computer language, 0 means no, and 1 means yes. Sorry for the minor mistake. I would really like it if he could make a seperate version of redstone that can go up walls like it does in portal.

Also sliding panels and lifts. Not the lifts at the end of each chamber, but the ones that lift you up. You could right click on it and change how many blocks it could go up. I really admire iChun, his work is amazing, and I think this mod has a lot of potential.

RedPower did this, but it never got updated past 1. Try using Project: Red. When you implement thermal discouragement beams, can you implement discouragement redirection cubes? Thanks killjoy, trying to somehow keep it restricted just to one mod, that way, when I finish my map, players only need the resource pack and the mod. I made elevators. I even made lifts. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Sorry to Bother you but… I found this bug in the latest portal gun version 2. I am loving this awesome mod, and was ecstatic about how much from portal you put into it!

I was then later disappointed about the turrets not being able to fire at people, the emancipation grille not being finished, and the portals not being see-through. I know… I read the FAQ… but the turrets really disappointed me. Can you fix? Anyway you could make it where I could completely disable certain features on the server? Like everything, except the Portal guns? If you go into survival, then they will shoot you. If it is for an adventure map, they will shoot you.

The mods and versions listed below could not be found. FMLDummyContainer, net. Has this mod been discontinued or something? I really hope IChun is still working on this. Is there any way to disable turret despawning in Minecraft 1. It would really help my portal map. I Want the MaterialEmancipationGrill , the laser , the cube for the laser and the laser receiver. I just what the see-through portals and Material Emancipation Grills!!! I bet portal 3 is ganna be out by the time you do this.

I advise you to improve in this mod the repulsion gel, the propulsion gel and the elevators. Stop asking for Cores. Stop asking for glados. ONLY ask for the stuff thats possible in a mod. You can build glados. You can make a custom block texture for wheatly. Heck, I even made sliding platforms and elavators without needing this mod. Use your imagination people! You are telling us what to do, now stop, shut up, and mind your own business.

Are you working on getting the emancipation grills working agian? I get a Internal server error and get booted out of the server. Anyone knows what is wrong? I found a bug.

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I cant get it run I put the mods in my mod folder and when I create a new world it starts to crash I put the zip files in my mods folder ok. Am I missing something? Its not a config file. You have to use commands. If you place a chest in front of a portal with the gravitigun it crashes and makes the world unusable. Are there any known compatibility issues with: -Forge 9. I suggest you either examine the crash report to find the mod causing the crash or simply disable all the others not listed and re-enable them one at a time until the game crashes.

When is the seetrough portals be added again? Could you please just put the old code in even if its buggy or it wont work anyway? Also can you make a Portal,Portal2 buttons for the mod. Hey Ichun I made a map for the mod and I wanna post it on a map website I know but I want your permission first, plz respond. Ok Now i am done with this. Everyone is shouting and demanding. Modding is hard wordlk and if you think its not, Well why would you not do it yourself.

But no everyone demands and demands. Thats the way many mods are made, they usually contain things the modder likes to have in his game.

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This was just a concept but still i hope you understand that nothing happens when you only shout and demand. If they do not expect this then they either keep the mod to themselves or release them anonymously. Nobody is saying that making mods is easy, well almost nobody, there are a few smug asses out there that like to big themselves up by saying how easy they find it to mod the game! Without feedback you can not progress as a programmer. Hey, IChun I was wondering if you had to get permission from valve or something to be able to use their product for use in minecraft?

And on the portal that I shot at the ground, I saw a drawing of earth, and then it started sucking in blocks, then me. I fell from a high distance. Please tell me what this is. At the end of portal 2, you shoot a portal at the moon and one under wheatley then everything gets sucked out into space. All my friends who play on my servers with me have never seen the portal showing the other view through it either.

It seems the bug is more common in occurrence than the portal actually working and showing the other view through it! No need to be rude about it! If they did not post the reports we would not find out which mods are incompatible with it! How about including a set of blocks in the styles of the facilities so people can build their own? I make a private server, but the is no portal sounds?

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Pro mods iChun, really nice and high quality work. Just a quick request. Would it be possible to add a limit to how long a portal may be kept open or a limit on how many trips could be made? Omg finally somebody recreated this mod for 1. Can you recommend a good web hosting provider at a reasonable price?

Thank you, I appreciate it! Is the emancipation grid still in development? Do no use! Hi Ichun i was just wondering when the discouragement beams and the emancipation grid and the checkpoint block would be added as they are vital to my adventure map? Could you make it so that a portal to the moon takes you to the moon in Galacticraft if the mod is installed? A small suggestion that you may have not thought of. If you have, sorry for bothering you. It would be cool to add Excursion Funnels. From time to time students want to cognitive the keys of productive literary essays composing.

Your first-class knowledge about this good post can become a proper basis for such people. Hey ichun!!! I swear!!! He will not be able to update it to 1. By the way amazing mod. Anyway please help! In case any of you are knowing about the thing with the raining chickens, its actually SUPPOSED to happen, just go to the configure folder to turn it off. You should fix the material grid, and add glados and wheatly. On other mods sound are working. I need help how to Fix.

The mod works but as soon as I shoot a portal my minecraft crashes. I went through the mod folder and saw there was no portal texture. Can anyone help? I tried to update the mod but it wont work its still at 2. NullPointerException at bkd. O SourceFile at atv. O SourceFile IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 0, tallocated: 0 Launched Version: 1. I dont have sound…is there a way to fix it? Hello, i found…i wanna say a glitch??? I really think it is a great mod IChun.

I really think that Valve should support this mod!!!! When this mod updates, will anything else be added? Ive really wanted to see the emancipation grill functioning, along with some of the cores, like the space sphere and Wheatley. I would really like to see the emancipation grill working. ClassNotFoundException: portalgun. Just dragdrop the zip into the mods folder.

See through portals does not work right. In the pages section. Any more posts about the download will be promptly deleted without notice. And jijiooze, what if that person is a female…….. Like obsidian. Edric R. Doing so prompts a pop-up menu. Tap Minecraft. It's in the pop-up menu. This will open both the Minecraft app and the mod inside of Minecraft. You may have to scroll right swipe left to see Minecraft's app icon.

If you don't see Minecraft in the menu, scroll all the way to the right, tap More , and tap the white switch to the right of Minecraft. Wait for the mod to install. When you see "Import Completed" or "Import Successful" at the top of the screen, you may proceed. Create a new world. Your world will load with the mod implemented. Enable unknown sources downloads. You can allow your Android to download files from unknown sources by opening Settings , tapping Security , and switching on the Unknown sources option.

Download the BlockLauncher app. Download a mod. Find a mod that you like, then download the mod in question by scrolling down and tapping the Download link. Some mods will have multiple download links. If so, you'll need to select each of them. Tap OK when prompted. Chrome will ask if you want to download the file since it's from an unknown source; tapping OK prompts the download to continue.

You may have to skip an ad by waiting for the ad to display a SKIP AD button and then tapping it before you can tap the Download button. Open BlockLauncher. Tap the BlockLauncher app icon, which resembles a pixelated Minecraft app icon. BlockLauncher will automatically detect your Minecraft PE app and open it as well. Tap the wrench icon. It's at the top of the screen. This will open the settings menu. This option is in the middle of the menu. A new window will open. Make sure that mod management is enabled.

It's in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap Local storage. This option is in the menu. Doing so opens a file explorer for your Android's folders. Tap Download. It's a folder near the top of the window. Select your mod file. Find the mod file that you downloaded, then tap it to select it. If you downloaded more than one file, you'll have to go back to the Download folder again and select the other file s as well.

Your mod will automatically be applied to your current world. Mods will also automatically apply to current worlds, but be wary of implementing mods on worlds that you want to keep normal—mods will occasionally wreck or fundamentally alter a world. I have the Minecraft folder. Set one portal up in your home, and then you can return there whenever you want from a mineshaft, dungeon, temple or another place. Developer: iChun Source: CurseForge.

You could also remove it so nobody gets upset because they want this mod, and put it back when you are done. Update it. Remove from tittle. Do nothing D. I hope your computer contracts a million trojan viruses. When I put the portal all the textures of objects appears and behind it the portal , how do I fix it? Thanks, can confirm this works on MC version 1.

You need to run both files and have version 1. Minecraft Mods Minecraft 1. Thursday, July 11,